IBM Security Resilient® SOAR

Optimise your security operations with the Industry's Leading Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform.

Respond faster to security incidents

This SOAR platform is designed to help you respond to cyber-threats with confidence, automate with intelligence, and collaborate with consistency.

IBM Security Resilient® captures and arranges your incident response processes to guide and empower you with knowledge to resolve security incidents. It will help you accelerate and orchestrate a response by automating actions with intelligence and integrating with other security tools. It also allows you to visualise and understand security incidents to prioritise and take action.


IBM Security Resilient® Features

Collaborate with consistency

…with case management


Making sure the correct person gets the correct information at the right time is imperative to incident response. IBM Security Resilient® provides you with vigorous case management capabilities that enable notifications and information sharing.

It can also integrate with popular collaboration tools to extend the level of communications beyond the security operations centre to involve key business functions such as HR, IT, Legal and Communications.

Install & deploy integrations quickly

…with AppHost


IBM Security SOAR enables numerous integrations with other security tools. With more than 160 IBM validated, 3rd party supported community applications published via the IBM App Exchange offering an extensive orchestrations and automation ecosystem.

AppHost, IBM Security SOAR’s new integration server, makes the installation and configuration of applications quick and simple with a step-by-step installation process that allows for editable settings and configurations.

Respond with agility & intelligence

…with dynamic playbooks


IBM Security SOAR’s playbooks adapt and change with an incident as the investigation evolves.

This dynamism is critical to your team because it amplifies their ability to respond to security incidents with recommendations for appropriate action whilst giving them the agility to change as required by ongoing events.

Make complex processes simple

…with visual workflows


Workflows allow your team to automate your organisation’s incident response processes to eliminate repetitive tasks, orchestration to integrate with other security tools, and human intelligence to make decisions.

The visual workflow editor requires no special programming or coding skills – your team can design and build complex workflows with a business process management notation (BPMN) engine. Playbooks consist of a single or multiple discrete workflows.

Visualise & understand relationships

…across incidents


IBM Security Resilient® offers visualisation graphs that allow your team to understand the relationship between incidents and the details associated with each one, which may help discover an advanced persistent threat (APT).

Information about related closed or open incidents is also displayed in hover and timeline view in IBM Security SOAR.

Inform strategic business decisions

…by tracking key metrics


IBM Security SOAR has comprehensive dashboards and reporting capabilities that allow you to track metrics and KPIs for incidents and users, including mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR).

You may choose to run simulations to train new employees, test new workflows and incident response plans, or practice different cyber-threat scenarios, based on your results and analysis.

Integrate privacy use cases

…with your SOAR platform


IBM Security SOAR with Privacy allows you to remain updated with the ever-increasing challenges to address complex privacy breach reporting requirements and meet compliance standards.

The Global Privacy Regulations Knowledgebase tracks over 170 global regulations, including GDPR, PIPEDA, HIPAA, CCPA, and all 50 stated breach notification rules, and provides your team with guidance through the breach notification process.

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duration and impact of cyber-attacks.


SecOps and reduce staff burnout.


breach reporting requirements and show compliance.


security investments and scale insights across teams.

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